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Soul Care, Outreach and Support

Soul Care:

“Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23 NASB 

What is your soul? Simply put your soul is the essence of who you are. It can be described as our hidden or spiritual self and is comprised of our mind, thoughts, feelings, heart, will, choices, physical body and social relationships. Each of these aspects create the real person and are the source of how one lives outwardly. 

Therefore, soul care is how we work with God in all these dimensions. At the Holy Yoga® Foundation, we believe if we nourish the inner self (our soul) the external fruit will take care of itself and positively affect marriages, parenting, vocation, and service for the glory of God.  For an individual to live and serve their highest calling it takes a person being supported by a soul completely saturated with God’s agape love. 

The Holy Yoga Foundation Staff, Regional Shepherds and Volunteer Ambassadors provide several opportunities for soul care that are open to everyone:

  • Bible Studies/Book Studies: Semi-annual book and Bible studies developed and led by key Soul Care Team members that include live webinars and associated materials. 
  • Recorded meditations: Monthly scripture mediations to help participants practice praying God’s Word.  
  • Prayer calls:  Monthly video conference calls consisting of scripture mediation, prayer and community reflection.
  • Leadership Development:  A nine-week training course on personally developing as a Christian leader.
  • Peer Groups: An opportunity for our key volunteers to experience greater spiritual transformation in community by crafting Individual Rules of Life within a yearlong peer group process.

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The Holy Yoga Foundation also works in partnership with Holy Yoga Global, LLC to provide instructor trainees with soul care during their online training through Life Groups  (video conference calls with scripture meditation, community, prayer and reflection) and at Immersion through Bible studies, scripture meditations and small groups. 

Holy Yoga Experience


“Community is heart calling to heart.  It is the grateful recognition of God’s call to share life together and the joyful offering of a hospitable space where the recreating power of God’s spirit can become manifest.” (Henri Nouwen)

Outreach is an invitation to encounter genuine community and receive nourishment for the body, mind and spirit. Once filled, you leave feeling cared for and inspired to get involved and give back. No matter where you are in the world, our outreach is accessible. The Holy Yoga Foundation’s Regional Shepherds and Volunteer Ambassadors facilitate outreach by growing worldwide communities through connection:

  • Care calls – Contact with each individual in the Holy Yoga community (instructors, participants in soul care activities and participants in events) to extend invitation to connect and stay connected, to pray together and provide spiritual support

The Holy Yoga Foundation also hosts events created to provide an opportunity for personnel connection with others:

  • Holy Yoga Experience (HYE) – 1 Day. 1 Purpose.  The HYE is an event held multiple times per year throughout the world. Hosted in a variety of local establishments, people are invited to participate in a Holy Yoga practice, teaching from the Word, live worship, wellness discussion, and connection with a Holy Yoga® community. 


The Holy Yoga Foundation comes alongside instructors to provide the practical tools necessary to build an effective ministry in the areas to which they are personally called. 

  • The Encounter:  A monthly resource that includes a devotional, reflection questions, scriptures for deeper study, suggestions for deeper spiritual practice, a recorded meditation, a themed yoga flow, accompanying playlist and closing prayer.
  • Mini-grants:  Financial support awarded to grow communities that are many times the underserved. Applications for grants to come. 
  • Regional communities: Online communities are facilitated by our regional Shepherds and Ambassadors to support and encourage individuals in their spiritual growth and ministries.