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Holy Yoga settled my racing mind and God’s Word lays fresh on my heart every time I am engaged in this community.  I have always felt like I was out of control and running…always running. Through the deep blessing of the Holy Yoga Foundation’s soul care practices, I have learned how to connect to and hear God’s Word in many different ways. Exercises like guided meditations, led through the Soul Care Team, have allowed me to focus on the Holy Spirit within me and my connection with God. Holy Yoga gives my life so much more the connection with the Holy Spirit always fills my cup.

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The Holy Yoga Foundation volunteers are the heartbeat of this foundation. Our volunteer family consists of dedicated individuals who are parents, grandparents, retirees, young professionals, yoga teachers, students, and much more. The diversity of our volunteers allow individuals to bring a variety of gifts and talents, working together to make a difference in communities around the world. When you join the Holy Yoga Foundation as a volunteer, you join a community and a family!  

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