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A Holy Encounter

What a rejuvenating experience! Sometimes life leads us and gifts us with things that just cannot be explained. Today I was deeply reminded of this. Through community, love and vulnerability, and God’s word, my mind, body, and soul received such a rich and satisfying experience. As we ended this day, I took a moment to reflect on what God put on my heart when I was young – to live for Him so I could share His light to others so they may share their light with the world. The meaning of Namaste, “May the light in me honor the light in you,” is one of many aspects of Buddhism I have encountered as I have practiced yoga over the years. But I know now at an even deeper level, that God is my true Savior. 

As I looked around towards the end of the Holy Yoga Experience today, I noticed I was the only person who didn’t pick up my mat for our closing circle. Without any intention of this, a circle of amazing people surrounded my mat. There was one simple little candle burning light at the top of my mat.

At that moment, I was reminded that God has chosen each of us uniquely for a purpose. As I sat reading the cards designed for each of us, I saw a theme from the messages created by each of the wonderful souls present –“you are seen, and God delights in you.”

What an amazing feeling! Thank you Holy Yoga Foundation, for fostering such an amazing event today and for helping me (and I am sure others as well) reconnect with my God-given-identity.

-Emily Campbell (attendee at Durango HYE)

1 Day. 1 Purpose. The Holy Yoga® Experience is a half-day event held across the globe to unite communities. The event includes worship, sharing the Word, a Holy Yoga® practice, and community. Donating space – whether in your church or other venue, snacks or other supplies for this half-day event is a wonderful way to support holistic health and wellness in your community. Become part of the Holy Yoga® Experience movement today.


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