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A Better Version Of Myself

Holy Yoga has softened me in every way.

It has opened me to the mystery of faith and continuously reminds me that there is a spiritual realm that I cannot see but is very real and impacting my daily life. So many different people are part of the Holy Yoga community, and it encourages me to look for connections with those who don’t look or think like me in other areas of my life.

I have come and gone from actively teaching Holy Yoga many times in the years since I was first certified, but there has always been a space being held for me here because of the Holy Yoga Foundation.

One of the things I love the most is how the practice of Holy Yoga is combined with amazing Bible Studies from the Holy Yoga Foundation. I’ve been able to start and continue a Yoga + Bible study class at my church for six years now.

Every time I step on my mat, I feel like I’m having a divine appointment with God. Things that are weighing me down just fall off and recede so I can be all in for my practice and meditation.

As I rise from my mat, I am a better version of myself to go into the world.

Niki Sparks, C-HYI

The Holy Yoga Foundation provides Bible Studies twice a year to the public that encourages spiritual formation and community across the globe.


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